Город Джунов

Полная версия: Site And Forum Improvements.
Вы просматриваете упрощённую версию нашего контента. Просмотр полной версии с полным форматированием.
New feature added to the forum:
"Quote selected text" and "Russian Keybaord" was added to FastReply box. :lol:
2 new feature added to the forum:

1. Chat was improved and integrated in forum. Wink

2. "My Assistant" advanced search:
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· Past week active topics
Forum was freshed up. Wink In this case some new bugs was added. Blush
From now you can see users in chat without enter into the chat. Wink
We are sorry but "Russian Keyboard" is still not working.
You will be notified when it works.
Its up and running!
We recommend you set following option to [Yes]:
My Controls->Board Settings
Open Fast Reply automatically when available? * [Yes]
Unfortunately, there are some unresolved problem with e-mail sending. Again. :angry:
We are sorry for inconvenience. We're working hard to resolve.