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Полная версия: Discussion Of Cheating In EI
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The main idea is to find out do we need to discuss cheating topics openly.
The choice is yours.
do you mean cheating or for example console commands that can be used in the purpose of cheating? I say more info about everything but not like:
To get a superchar that kills every other chars do this ....
Cheaters are the group of stupid lamers who are too stupid to earn some money and to buy some real things! :ph34r:
I mean cheating that damages the gameplay , of course not yours but others.
It is good that no PK in Evil Lands. And cheaters must be banned from the game! that is my opinion!
ill be online more now. so heres what, i hate cheating so heres what ill do: ANY cheating topics i find I WILL CLOSE AND DELETE. cheating makes more unlegits and ruins the game..unless ofcourse u dont like it, i mean there should be some democracy, so if u dont want cheating tell me and ill do what i said!
only got one thing to say...

Cheating Sucks!
Thats not the way it should be done.I belive that we wont have provlems with cheating discussion in here but we have plenty of them in Russian forums Smile
well if u want cheating learn russian and check them out, but no cheating in here, thats for all of ya
i don't think thats really fair..i think that if someone doesnt want to be bothered with cheating topics..they should just not read the topic. and if someone wants to learn more about cheating they should be allowed to :excl:
^_____^ but thats just what i think
Hm you see the problem is that people want it.I hate cheating and have voted against.But still we re in no good position.Too many people voted for opened cheating topics and we cant ignore it.Think on it.
Right now we re still thinking on what to do.
kaitakkas the last post about 1.$ armor has been deleted, this is a warning, one more time and i wont just delete your posts, u can talk about consol, database, anything BUT hacking spells and armor (1.$)
enough is enough u can talk about anything except hacking spells and armor. i think thats fair enough