Город Джунов

Полная версия: Custom Sounds?
Вы просматриваете упрощённую версию нашего контента. Просмотр полной версии с полным форматированием.
anyone know if you are able to add custom sounds/music into EI?
Sure you can . Unpack with resbuilder res file that is called sounds or music , dont remember for sure.Add your own sounds music and pack files again.
Thats it plain and simple.
ok sounds easy. so where do i get the tools to unpack and repack the res files?
is anyone ever going to answer me?
Go to www.evilislands.ru thre you will find lmp database.Unpack zip file and in directory utilities you will find resbuilder. Use it for pac/unpack things.
Hm did you even check our files that re available for download?
Download DatabaseLMP Toolkit and there in directory utilities you will find resbuilder. This utility allows you to pack/unpack res files and not only them......