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Полная версия: Console Commands
Вы просматриваете упрощённую версию нашего контента. Просмотр полной версии с полным форматированием.
i posted it on the nival forums as well, so i thought i'd post it on here but; they're only for modder purpose's nothing else, so don't use them then if you intend on wanting cheats or hacks, but; it's good for placing new mob files, monster's, and other neat little things into your game.

sorry but it needs to be renamed to *.rtf

if you want the russian version go here: "removed" <-- glad i quit this game.

im sorry guys but we got too much complaints about this file..removed until further notince
Thanks, this will be a great help for all non russians Tongue
allthough this will create alota new hack kiddies


Big Grin helped me allot Big Grin
that wasnt a very smart reply now was it bloodhowler :angry:


Цитата:wowowowoow what kind of insult is that!!!!!! IM BLOODHOWLER and it didnt help me shit these commands makes no sence naah wtf im gonna stick with thingamabob commands and scripts ahahahahah!!!! :wacko:
im sorry and i will not use such words again...and if i do my IP adress will be suspended
This site doesn't work :blink:
is the english version of the site, although it doesnt have ANYTHING at all you may want to look at it
btw does anybody here know any good web translator?
altavista has a toolbar translator you can download, from there homepage

that http:// link to the eicheats.ru does to work i just clicked on it and went there, but it only works if you speak russian or have a translator.
you guys are talking about the file of the list but where is it?
i am confused