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i wish more people would visit the general forum in the english section (no offense to the russians)

there hasn't been a reply to anything or a new topic for ages now...

same with the masterservers ... on the russian one i've allways seen games when i connected to it .. but its rare to see a game on the english one
I don't think that English people are still playing Evil Islands. Maybe they play some new game.

Ps I am Russian Blush . Maybe Russians - 90% of all gamers in EI.
EI - is Russian game, so Russians like it so. But i would like people from foreign countries to play EI B)
i am playing ei dayly (if possible)

and yes i know the game is russian (damn thoose description in the mob reverser, don't get what their saying)

there are english servers sometimes... but its rare.. used to be more..

and i kinda knew you were russian by looking on your nickname Wink

EDIT: Btw .. how come most ppl in the russian servers are hacked?

i saw some guy with an edited map (mob reverser i guess ... ) and he was legit .. but thats got to be one of the only legits i've seen
So can you say that I am Russian by my nickname? It's written by English letters Wink but all in all it has Russian meaning Wink

Ps I think that Russian like EI more than foreigners only because it's our native game. But EI is a very interesting game by all means. Wink
i know its english letters .. but it makes no sense in english :/
Well EI is alive, weeks ago i saw a couple of english servers and two german servers. So it means that EI still lives. No coomentS Wink
Sad just wich that happened more often ...

if you go to the polish servers you can allmost find games all the time ...

but polish people tend to be very agressive, wonder if the ever heard the words "polite" and "friendly"...
We should say to everybidy: "EI - COOL!"
Viruzzz,29 May 2004, 10:43 Написал:Sad just wich that happened more often ...

if you go to the polish servers you can allmost find games all the time ...

but polish people tend to be very agressive, wonder if the ever heard the words "polite" and "friendly"...
Well thats a dam new one on me.

When i went to the polish servers, they were dam nice, they all treated me like some sort of god because

1 - I was english (no, im not bragging about english, i mean its because theve never seen an english player before)

2 - I had good dress sense

3 - I had pk mod which they had never seen before.
to me its like
one or more of them: "cze" (i found out that means hi)
them: "polish sentence"
me: "sorry, i donn't understand polish, can you please speak english?"
them: "plz go, we not be englis"
(for some reason they think i'm bad cause i'm speaking english)
and i mostly leave at that point (if it is the host saying it)

i might have been on the wrong server, talking to the wrong people, but thats my general impression of polish people, i have met 1 or 2 beign nice to me, but like 20 being rude and hostile
I play EI loads, but I would like to use the skill and perk moding tool listed in the downloads! Trouble is, I seem to be only able to download a Russian version......
Am I being dim....... Is there a way I can get a English version of the mod tool?????
What do you wantto say? ^_^
But, why you think, that English is more important launguage than Russian Huh
Evil Island is game created by Russian Lemon Interactive, and most of players are Russians. So this is with a ponit... Smile

PS to Russians: Your country and T80 Rulez - Poland
Abh,29 Августа 2004, 18:35 Написал:PS to Russians: Your country and T80 Rulez - Poland
<_< Merci.

By the way. The authors of "Evil Islands" are Nival Interactive, not Lemon. %)
also Rolleyes
this will probably sound like a stupid question but how do you join different servers like the russian server or the poland or whatever?
the only server i knew was available was the english one, but i am still somewhat new to ei
You should download starter(is there an english version?)
Or you may edit register:
There Master Server Name = a3master.nival.com:28002
this is Germany.
28004 - Russia, 28006 - England, 28008 - Corea, 28010 - France, 28014 - Poland, 28016 - USA.
gl! Smile
thanx i will have to try that some time
right now i am going to try to start modding a bit
You should also take a look at this site before each game, it will make finding games more easy.
Note that I'm using the Babelfish translator to translate the page 'cause it's in Russian, if you want to see it in it's original language just click here, but for some reason it only shows the Russian server.
I hope it will help you.
Well, its quite understandable why EC is dead. Just becouse the hole site is nearly dead. I can only hope that becouse of Lost in Astral addon appearing the site and community will rise again.
PS. I'm russian, but don't play EI much. But I still visit the site... Smile
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