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Полная версия: help with @follow
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well i was jsut stupid. got everything working up to now.
but if anybody happens to know, why i cant get any mobs to follow me anymore, id be greatfull for some help.
i remember that it is possible to get units to follow your character and fight for you. but i dont get it working anymore.
i use:
but everytime my company or myself kills an enemy, the unit just runs away again, giving me the message: "new motivation sentry with power 50"

any ideas how to get them to follow me always?
I'm sorry if this isn't much help, it's been quite a long time since I used the console patch.

Could it be that the units which are following you run and attack an enemy? Since setplayer changes their team they attack everyone who attacks you.
ok, got that working by now.
when you dont do things for some time you forget about important stuff.
i had to use @UMfollow. now it all works fine. i just need to find out, how to get it working, that when "my" animals kill enemies, i get the experience.