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Полная версия: Need tutorial or Help
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Hi! I'm looking for tutorial to Mob Reversing Tool. I learn alone little with program and now i now how to change mosters, change texture, position of unit, change stats, do a pink light for uni... But I have problem with scripts. I do a map, create monsters on this map, change they position and do all what I want. When i want do a script i dont now how to do it :| I need script like a thats from Piggy Fifepence Mission. Find Cage, Open Cage, Take Women, Go with Women to resown... When i just Copy scripts from mission with that Pig then nothing is happen. What i must do for this map if I want to finish it. Please help me. If you want i can give to you files of the mission and you can look then what i do wrong...

Sory for my Language :/


P.S. Mephisto have a tutorial i seen but i can't download this :/