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Полная версия: Experience and Character creation
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hi all,
the question is simple: how to increase the initial amount of experience when I create a new multiplayer character? 500 is too low!
Please I need detailed information about this matter, no need cheats in game but only AT TIME CREATING a new character.
Many thanks Wink

o in alternative: THERE IS A WAY TO INCREASE THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF ATTRIBUTES (strenght, dexterity, intelligence)? The maximum is only 25+25+25 with 35 maximum per attribute.
information about the initial amount of experience is situated in multiplayer database of game (databaselmp.res). you must download database editor for working this file http://sourceforge.net/projects/eidbeditor/ . open database and select inset "units", next select "NPC prototypes". find there field "exp to distribute" and change it for all prototypes, as you like. save modification and check it in game. for examle see screenshot.