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Полная версия: Evil Islands Addon + Laptop
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Okay so i managed to install the addon + the RU version of the game and got it running on my PC. However on my laptop the addon EIStarter.exe doesn't recognise my display adaptors / GPU/ Video Card. So when i lunch the addon settings the display adaptor fields are blank as is the resolution and the game just freezes on startup. I'm pretty sure it's because the laptop's integrated intel GPU + GTX1060 GPU.
I've tried everything including disabling the GTX1060 and still it wouldn't detect any GPU in the addon settings. 
If i lunch the normal game starter and go to settings it detects both GPUs and all resolutions normally but not in the adddon's EIStarter.exe...
Also disabling the integrated GPU through BIOS is impossible on this laptop...
Perhaps it would help to force eistarter.exe and game.exe to use the dedicated GPU via the NVIDIA control panel? 
See https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questio...intel-card
I've tried that. It still doesn't work.
I can't select resolution and once the game boots up it just freezes...
Sorry, not much else I can suggest. I have the same setup on my laptop (integrated intel + dedicated nvidia), and everything works fine. 
I'm assuming you have already made sure you have the proper drivers for both GPUs (updated to the last versions).
One more thing would be to make sure you have the last EIStarter version (1.045.0), and try replacing the addon.dll with the separately distributed update: http://allods.gipat.ru/files/ei/soft/add...-9-0-0.zip