Город Джунов

Полная версия: Return To Gipath (mod or new EI like game in the future)
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Hello my dear Russian friends,

I'm Uzo - user zero offline 
Я родом с востока Польши и давно увлекаюсь охотой и игрой в ИО.

I did a simple mod (database and databaselmp) which rebalances whole game. 

In the future i want to make EVIL ISLANDS first person game with pad/mouse+keyboard movement - something like Dark Souls/Skyrim/D3

I have written over 100+ pages of new story line, but i need someone who will help me with UNITY engine and also some voice actors.
I am just a fan, not a developer, not a indie dev, in Poland i m a lawyer xD, but i love old games with amazing story and gameplay.

SO  Huh
i need help, and i can share my moded databases if you wish to.

Also i want to create more interesting questlines (different txt - for example some ancient letters like old Старый церковный язык 

i am waiting for your e-mails

here is databaselmp and database for you