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Download Was Updated. - Jet - 02.06.2003

We made new tool: Briefing editor (MS Access database) for Single-player game only.
To use that tool you must have Microsoft Access 2002 installed, and ResBuild.exe from Nival's databaselmp tool. Put ResBuild.exe into C:Windows folder.

To download click here .

Any comments? Wink

RE: Download Was Updated. - UZO - 03.12.2021

It is dope tool Man Big Grin

RE: Download Was Updated. - Jet - 04.12.2021

(03.12.2021, 15:41)UZO Написал: It is dope tool Man Big Grin

I'm totally on your side Big Grin
Nevermind, thanks for the info Dude!

It has now been fixed. Blush

I would appreciate it if you could have a look at this.
If you struggle with translation, please feel free to let me know.  Shy