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Must Be A..... - Dr. Yukimitzu - 15.10.2003

Is there a quest editor? I dont mean a map editor, i mean a quest editor.

What i mean, is, like add buildings and trees n stuff...... Like adding entities to the world.

Must Be A..... - ALtair - 15.10.2003

It's a part of a MOB Editor. MOB files contain information about all objects, units, quests, etc. You'll need one to do what you want. But there is one problem. MOB editor is securely hidden from "common" people. :ph34r:

Must Be A..... - Jet - 16.10.2003

Цитата:securely hidden from "common"
It is not true. Wink
EI Editor still developing and be in planning stage.
Although some parts of editor already coded, we have no alpha or beta version at this moment.

Must Be A..... - TheWarrior - 16.10.2003

dr yuti
if ur really kaj then say it!
dont worry if lotar sais just a word..ill personally....gah nvm
just PM me or sumfin if ur really kaj!please?

Must Be A..... - Dr. Yukimitzu - 25.10.2003

Is it ok if i could borrow or have this .mob editor? I know how to make maps for quite a few games, like unreal.

Must Be A..... - Mephisto - 25.10.2003

As Jet told you , there is no beta or alpha at this moment.
Then think will somebody give it to you or no.

Must Be A..... - Dr. Yukimitzu - 25.10.2003

Oh, right, sorry. Blush

Must Be A..... - Mephisto - 25.10.2003

Thats all right , we are all waitin for a map editor so you re not the only one.

Must Be A..... - Dr. Yukimitzu - 26.10.2003

Hmmm, maybe instead of a map editor, theres scripts on how to change the position of an object on the map? Like you see the things number and path patrol points, then it has the co ordinates.

Must Be A..... - Mephisto - 26.10.2003

Yep there are scripts.You can change pos of monster by entering this:
Thats it , the monster will go to the point.
But to change monsters pos 4eva you will have to make corrections in mob file .
If you know how to work with a hex editor then i will tell you how to do that.

Must Be A..... - Dr. Yukimitzu - 26.10.2003

I didnt mean through consol, in game. I actually ment a permenant placing on the new map. I dont know how to work the hex editor, even though i have it. I opened some map files with word, and i saw some stuff like "Ingos male fighter" but i couldnt see its id or position.

Must Be A..... - Mephisto - 26.10.2003

You see , the information about units is encrypted , so you cant see it.
You can do major corrections with mob editor there , or you can do minor corrections with a hex editor .
The mob editor is unavailable , the hex editor is available but it is not that easy.

Must Be A..... - weader - 25.02.2004

Huh is it coming a mob editor?
i mean its ben a wile since u said anything about it and there should be a version of it now.
Will it be for common people too i got some good ideas about new quests and so on....... Smile

plz tell me whats going on :dry: