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Tools - g_dragonlord - 12.11.2003

Will we ever get tools. I do not wish to sound rude or anything I know it takes alot of time and skills to develope the tools but will we ever see them? Any news because this place is a graveyard for the english people atleast. NOTHING ever happens and when you go to the chat there are almost no one there and when there are, they cant speak english!

Tools - Mephisto - 12.11.2003

Hm i can speak both languages , so dont be upset , there are a lot of people who know english , the problem is that they dont chat.
Tools? Hm sounds good to me.Will we ever get them ?Think not in this life Smile

Tools - g_dragonlord - 12.11.2003

I was afraid you were going to say that! Is there anything a nonprogramming person can do to help. I am really good with so computers so if anyone is working on a project and need a hand please do not hassitate! Maybe you can learn me something, and I can contribute with something Big Grin .

Tools - Mephisto - 13.11.2003

Okay if you wanna help me (i am writing a simple mob viewer now) you have to study mob files.The main problem right now is to test what field means what in database and to find that fields memory type.If you can help with that then you are welcomed. B)

Tools - Guest - 24.12.2003

Tools what tools Huh

Tools - g_dragonlord - 10.01.2004

basicly MOB tools Big Grin

Tools - Guest - 29.01.2004

i lovwe those tools Big Grin

Tools - psycho - 13.02.2004

I love all tools that I can use Big Grin