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Information On The Tables - Magrus - 21.11.2003

I hope I'm not asking something that has already been posted (can't read whats in Russian).... but I am wondering if anyone has a list of what some of the things in the Tables mean.

The column headings such as: Calc $, Total $, Common Loot: Mask, Min, Max...
Tuning: Power, Actions...

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Information On The Tables - g_dragonlord - 21.11.2003

I do not think there is a LIST, but you can always make one yourself and share with us. It would probably help alot of modmakers.

Information On The Tables - Magrus - 21.11.2003

Ok then, I'll share what I can. I've been fooling around with some of the variables and I'm making a mod that does lots of different things. Basically the mod is going to make the game a little bit faster by increasing exp and money, and makes a few other changes to items. Anyway, I will make a Microsoft Word file later that I'll post here with many of the meanings of the terms in the tables.

Until then, I'd still like a little more input on what other people are doing with Evil Islands.. Thanks for all the comments