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Gipat, Here My Call - Kajgue - 29.04.2004

Well, i was origionally making an ei2 with a player named Aaron, but since he unfortunetly passed on, im asking gipat a favour -

Could you help me make this addon?

The attached file is the beginning of the storyline.

It doesent need to be a toatally new game, we just need to use a mob editor and a terrain editor.

Gipat, Here My Call - Viruzzz - 01.05.2004

the whole idea about ei2 (unofficial) is great and all, but unless it is only going to be a single player mod there is no need for such a detailed storyline...

Gipat, Here My Call - Kajgue - 02.05.2004

Who even said it was for multiplayer? Its a single player campaign, a very big one.

Also, the story isnt finished yet, its just the begginning, so dont assume its a small storyline.

And i kinda forgot to mention that there needs to be more decorations for the addon, like iron houses, totem pole thingies, new pillars, ect....