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item cheat - darkmatter - 24.07.2006

i know how u guys hate cheats but i am experimenting with EI not to use for my own pleasure lol
anyways this is what i got

@giveitem(0,"prototype1.material1[spell]") now when i put one in it says wrong protottype and if i put in prototype one it messes up and says u need prototype for prototype any suggestions? cause im going crazy trying to find it out! :ph34r: lol

item cheat - KnightL - 07.08.2006

You tried to do it only with spells? If you tried it without spells and it exits then you realy types wrong name of prototype. I don`t remember how to write it. If it exits only with spell then you write wrong spell. It has to be like this: spellname{rune;rune}. Spellname and rune has to be taken from database

item cheat - chapapote - 21.07.2010

I have a webpage when all cheats available are listed but for some reason I can't just put it here.