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config.reg - Mikelos - 29.05.2008

I can't speak Russian but I read some posts on this forum using translator (it was very hard to understand anything Tongue). I found there, that you can do some useful things by editing the config.reg file, but i couldn't find it... can somebody tell me where can I find this file?

config.reg - ALtair - 29.05.2008

It should be in the mod directory. This file is actual only if you have installed "Addon" from this site and made a mod, or just using the "Standard" mod.

config.reg - Mikelos - 29.05.2008

I've got next problem...
I've downloaded the Evil Islands (Add-On) v1.044.7 and when I'm trying to run it, its says, that I've got corrupted or not original autorun.res file. I tried to reinstal EI but it didn't work. I have the Polish version 1.06 of EI.

config.reg - Mikelos - 31.05.2008

I think it doesn't work because I've got Polish version of game, and the res files have got another size than in Russian version. Is there another way to create quest on zone11, and others, than changing it in the config.reg?
And by the way, can anyone upload the Russian version of autorun.res file?