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Help me! Please! - StoneSpearman - 29.06.2011

I don't have Multiplayer Files (1.mp,2.mp,etc.) in my MP folder,but i want to install a mod(or make my own)!
I don't want to loose Chowdee who is very important to me. Here are my options:
Option 1:Give all Chowdee's goods to my little bro,then start it over.
Option 2Big Grinon't do anything.
Option 3Big Grinownload a mod (or make) risking to loose Chowdee(and all others.)
Option 4:Use a Tool to make a MP char file Same as Chowdee(if it exists)
So,what would you do?

Help me! Please! - Guest - 23.07.2011

Замечательно, весьма полезная штука. Спасибо.