Troll pictures
I am currently doing a modelling course and I was thinking of making a Troll model because he is my favorite monster(weird huh?). Could anyone provide me with some images? Front, Left, Right, Buttom, back (only need 3). Can I extract any game files to get to the models so I can load them up in a model viewer somehow?
All were newbies once, more or less. Repsect that.
Hello. You need original game if you want to use these viewers:

You can use figviewer from Cursed Earth project.
Just unpack it to game`s folder. Start it in command line or create shortcut and edit properties for it.
Command line (in windows) will be something like:
C:EI>figviewer.exe --animation-name=uattack --primary-texture=troll00 unmotr
try other textures - troll01 troll02
animation also can be changed

Or you can use Altair`s Model Viewer. There are some menues and buttons. It`s simplier to start but don`t play animations.(Also you can get list of animation names in ModelViewer and try it in figviewer)
texture name will be: troll00; troll01; troll02
model name will be unmotr

There is no way for you to convert EI models to something like .3ds format...
Somebody have this converter or importer/exporter but it isn`t for public usage.

Here`s some screenshots.

Файлы вложений Эскизы(ов)
thank you very much. I'll install the game and load it up and just take some screenshots. All I need really. Going to try and make myself a model like that, and then create a nasty looking texture.

Edit Just a bit off-topic: I am just sad that Cursed Earth is not more available to us. I would really have liked to see it inside Unreal SDK, that would have been awesome. Or at least more english. Think i downloaded the source a while back and as I remember it it was all in russian.

Not a professional C++ programmer(all into java and c#) but would really like to help out.
All were newbies once, more or less. Repsect that.
Yes it`s the simpliest waySmile
If you have some modelling and texturing skills and want to help you can try to talk with Durane about EI Total Conversion projectSmile

About Cursed Earth.
Actually there is not so much comments at allSmile All of them on English as I know. Functions and variables on English too.
Documentation about formats on Russian only. But formats is not the only part of project and it`s correctable mistakeSmile
Docs about git and scons prevail on English in Internet. If you need it I`ll translate my HOWTO for Code::Blocks to English.
Also there is pure C code(not C++).
If you`re interested anyway write a private message to v1s0r or to me here or at sourceforge.Smile

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