Database infos
All colunns are called with english names. I have had to translite all of them into Russian, but you needn't.
Levels in this game (EI) haven't any meanings, better work with parametrs in another columns.
Цитата:I got a few from lotar's site, but most of them have no description or are in russian, so I have no clue to what they do.
I also have a few characters developed with Eraser's Mod and Arak's Mod (not sure if this is the right name).
Those are the only ones that seem really like the guy who made them was trying to make something serious
You wrong. There are better mods, but most of tham are in Russian and made for "add-on", what is sets only on russian version of game.
:excl: There is many decribes of modmaking in Russian, so you can find dictinary and translite them.
Blush Sorry for mitakes.
Он был потомственный монах, так же как его отец и дед...

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