char has 0 exp, and wont get any...
my char has 0 exp, and i dont get any by killing monsters. how do i give it at least 150 exp, so itll be really alive?
Im affraid once your char becomes like this, it can never be normal. But dont play with others, the thing will spread. Trust me, i know what this is.

P.S: It also boosts everyone elses exp loads, right?
no idea if it boosts anybodys exp. i want to have at least 100 exp ! help me !!!!!!!
Make a new char :dry:
then you get 500 exp Big Grin
I had it too once (but never again) you cant fix it its just bad hacking by you or by someone with a hacked server now I fixed the prob because I always have 5000 exp and i have all the skills 0 exp and at the beginning all the things like melee and stuff at 255 or something

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