Help Me Plz
Can any one tell me step by step how to be an orc with ArtMoney cauz I cant figure it out Sad
I cant say how to be an ork with Artmoney but i can how to be without Artmoney.
Just follow the steps.
1 enter the briefing zone
2 enter cheats in console
@AddUnitToParty(0,"ork::xxx","LMP Orc Fighter 8")

Hurray , now you are ork
thx man you really help me alot and I have the console patch Rolleyes

Do you have a list of the console commands ?
Here it is: Wink

Theme - Scripts in EI
But description on russian language.

And this:
Portal Evil Islands: unfair gameplay
I know French and English but I don't know russian Sad

Does someone has it in English or French ?
Mephisto I try it but it done nothing for me but briefing zone is out side of village right ?
I write thingamabob on the console after i write @CreateParty(0,"ork") after

@AddUnittoParty(0,"ork::xxx","LMP Orc Fighter 8") then my game quit Huh

Do you know what's the prob ?
:excl: Reading carefully!

@AddUnitToParty(0,"xxx::xxx","LMP Orc Fighter 8")

Good Luck! Wink
I try and it also failed Sad
1. Drop this file in directory Evil Islands
2. Enter the briefing zone
3. Enter cheats in console, and write exec orc Wink
ill try Tongue
where is directory ? :unsure:
Cause it say that it cant read it
Цитата:where is directory ? 
Directory your game Evil Islands. Drop right there.

Цитата:Cause it say that it cant read it
Damn! I don't know then... :o
Try it again, and maybe done it. Wink
Sorry, for my English... Blush
I'm not sure what you mean about directory I put it in my EI Folder ??? :blink:
Oups wasnt Log In hehe and English is not my first language too Wink sorry if you don't understand me very well or I don't understand you Tongue
This is directory game Evil Island:

Файлы вложений Эскизы(ов)
And this Orc, summons with console command exec orc:

Файлы вложений Эскизы(ов)
Hm do you have problems when you load the exec command ?
First , how do you enter it .Next if this file is a txt file , then you have to enter like this exec orc.txt or something.If it doesnt work then i will make you a file without this *.txt or something.
And please write your problem more accurate so that we can understand what is wrong .
when i write ive just put exec orc but it didnt work ive try what you said with .txt and then it work but their is a prob my Orc got 1 hp and 0 sp cause if that he cant run Sad

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