New Wow Look Here! Hurry"
hey ull be GLAD u clicked here!!!

in case some of u people havent notieced the warrior has made a paid unoffical website about EI!!!!! its the best EVA!!! so screw thsi place and defenetely screw warper and nival this place rules!!!!!! so where can u find this spectacualr wonder of wonders>!!!! ill tell u at hurry now ull see both great people forums and mods and much much more!!!!!!!!! plz spread this to every1!
Good site im a member now weeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
I was the secoond member there weeeee!!! Wink
i was the first member there weeeeeee!!!!
Follow the rules! Never marry trolls! Die well in EI! Live free in EI! Post, post, post!
i went there but i got confused!
i got to the load page and couldn't exactly figure out where to go from there
It seems that the site is down, what happend, there is a lot of "propaganda" there, but nothing about EI. Sad
I'm not afraid of anything
I just need to know that I can breathe

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