hey guys where did the texture editing tutorial go? :dry:

i'd like to make my own skins Big Grin
I can tell you how to do them. For this you should extract redress.res. After that you need to copy an convert the file unhumaskin_00.mmp for male or file unhufeskin_00.mmp for female into dds format. Open it with the help of the photoshop. Edit it. Save as 8:8:8:8(I don`t remeber exactly) with alpha chanells. Also select No Mip Maps. Convert back to mmp. Call it unhumaskin_37.mmp for example. If you use EI Mod Creater then open the database, open the tab Race models, Select Human Male if you made a male model and Human Female if female. Add to the text in the textbox Graphic Primary textures Skin_xx. xx is the numbrt of your skin.
PowerHouse,13 August 2004, 15:20 Написал:hey guys where did the texture editing tutorial go?  :dry:

i'd like to make my own skins  Big Grin
Here is one.

Nex time use Search, please.
What make with it?

[Изображение: lol.JPG]

As save it ?

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