Loot Problem
Hi there Smile

I am new to EI modding and I have a problem...

Is it possible to give a percentage chance to an item to drop from a monster?

For example: If I kill an orc, I want a 10% chance that the orc drops a stone axe.

I know theres a percentage column for money in "monsterprototypes.txt" but I cant find a solution for the item problem.

Thanks in advance.
I thick, that we can make ONLY 100% chance that the orc drops a stone axe. Or, of course, 0 %

I cannot help you :lol:
There's no way to do that. The same question has been asked a year or two ago on the russian forums and since then no reply was given.
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Too bad. But thanks for the quick answers Smile
i am new to modding too
i haven't gotten anything to work yet though
i like the idea though
How i can edit money and items who must drop my enemy. I must change it in mob file because databasemlp must be original. I'm editing mappack 1.42 and I dont know how I can change it. Please help :excl:
I'm just thinking, it possible in a way, if you make a new type of monster, (orc)
and make the ratio of the new orc vs old orc 1:10 and make the new one drop an axe, then it would be like a 10% chance

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