Graphical Tutorial
Tutorial 1.0
Changing of item’s texture
You’ll need following utilities:
1. MMP Studio v 1.1 ( + mfc70.dll and msvcr70.dll if you don’t have them )
2. Adobe Photoshop 6-8
3. dds plug-in ( place it into <Photoshop directory>/Plugin-ins/File formats )
4. WinRar
5. DirectX 9.0
6. Modcreator_vea

1. Run the Modcreator, open popup menu, choose “utilites/resbuild”. Choose the way to redress.res ( for example, CTonguerogram FilesEvil IslandsResredress.res ) in the first line. Choose the way to directory for unpack the file in the second line. Change “*_*” to “*” in the third line.
2. Choose “extract files from resource”, click “processing”. Wait for the “DOS” window close.
3. Run MMPS, click “…”, choose directory for file converting. Click “Convert”, choose files “” and “”.
4. Run Photoshop, open file “” which you’ve converted ( action 3).
5. Change texture in this file (Don’t forget about stencil!!!)
6. Save the file with following parameters:
32 bit
No mip maps

7. Save the file as “”
8. Run MMPS. Click “…”, choose directory where redress.res was unpacked. Click “Convert” and choose files “” and “”
9. Run Modcreator, open ResBuild and pack redress.res
10. Run Evil Islands click “Multiplayer” and choose “Cave”. See “jun diamond high helm” Wink

That is all. I will translate all my tutorials later.
Russian tutorials,
Another russian version of tutorials

Say me if there are any grammatical mistakes in my translation.
Петька:Дуб ты,Василий Иванович!
Чапаев:Да,Петька,я могуч!
thanks for the tutorial alexander Wink
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Not at all Wink
Петька:Дуб ты,Василий Иванович!
Чапаев:Да,Петька,я могуч!

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