There all white!
Ive been working on changing the character into monsters with the console (found a way to be the curse Tongue ) and it seems that it is only the orcs and humans that has a skin.

How do i make them have a skin instead af being white???
It is very difficult! Nobody knows how to make the skins well.

ps can you tell me how to be a curse?)Please
CTpaHHuK,24.02.2005, 13:19 Написал:It is very difficult! Nobody knows how to make the skins well.

ps can you tell me how to be a curse?)Please

It doesnt matter if its difficult...... just tell me how..
I've tried extracting the Textures.res and renaming Skin00 to Curse00.... it didn't work.... Sad

Other ideers??.. :unsure:
and how to be a white (without texture) curse ??
There are 3 classes of monsters: humans, monsters and animals. All humans' textures are in Redress.res, all other textures are in Textures.res. So you can make man or woman or orc with textures.
To see the textured monster you should:
1) Look in databaseLMP.resMonstersPrototypes.txt and find the Base Race of your monster(4 example: LMP Cyclops 16's Base Race is LMP Cyclops)
2) Look in databaseLMP.resRaceModels.txt(find there Base Race of your monster(LMP Cyclops)) and find Graphics Data Primary Textures of your monster(Cyclop00)
3) Find in your Textures.res mmp-file with the name from 2 (Cyclop00.mmp), convert it into *.dds(use MMPStudio - try to find it somewhere there), save it with No Mip Maps(use Photoshop(dds-plugin - try to find there) or maybe something else..), convert it back into *.mmp(MMPStudio)
4) Rename your new mmp-file into the name which includes Graphics Data Mask Name from RaceModels.txt(unmocy), add to name Skin_(unmocyskin_) and the number from Graphics Data Primary Texture(00) - so the name for cyclop is unmocyskin_00.mmp
5) Add this file to Redress.res
6) As I can remember in RaceModels.txt(find there LMP Cyclops) in TypeID TypeID you also should write human instead of monster(or animal), then pack your databaseLMP.res
7) Change your char to LMP Cyclops 16 and enjoy! Smile

P.s. Try to contact with Tank - he knows much about EI
P.p.s. Visit if it still works...
P.P.P.S. Sorry for my English...
Black Sun rising over mankind..
Thanks... i'll try it.. Smile

One more question, does other persons see the model with a texture when i do that?
As I know - no... Sad
Black Sun rising over mankind..
Hmm.... i cant figure out how to install the DDS plugin. Huh

OK, maybe im just a newbie but...
ive got PhotoDraw but its almost the same as PhotoShop and it says, in the help file, that you install the plugins the same way as in PhotoShop.

Maybe ive downloaded the wrong files or something but i could really use a Tutorial how to install the plugin.. Blush

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