Mob encryption
Я приветствую.
Сразу виноват ! слишком неисправимую правописания, но я не знаю хорошо Русский.

Я просил бы вас об изготовлении примера программы в Delphi, который использует тот алгоритм. Я сижу над тем нескольких недели и не могу прочитать никакого файла...
Sad Sad Sad
Well... F##k knows(ХЗ), I am too bad in Delphi. Can write example on C++ or(maybe) JavaScript, but is it compliable 4 you? Wink

PS: Sorry for my bad English...
Да! Smile C++ для меня понятный! Smile Если ты дал бы радий это я просил бы о пример. Благодаря свысока Rolleyes
You want a full example, with reading of file, or can write needed simple parts yourself? I can write most required right now, but I thinked about it no more than one minute, and not tested it(only for show, how it needed to do). And - be careful! - it's not final correct algoritm, and will work not always. It's only for example! - download here:
Script loader - program with source. I don't writed saver, because it's Mob Reversing Tool exists. You can drag mob-file to my program, and it'll open it Smile

To work correct, Program needs vcl60.bpl & rtl60.bpl - it's exists on that page

Archiver - 7zip - exists two. Be happy! And find yourself, how to save mob-script(try to copy pre- and past- part, and replace only length( Big Grin ) and key to encode script for saving. And, of cource, change file length... Search description of MOB-format, it must exists!)

PS: Do you know C++ good? Next tips required?
Наконец что-то конкретный. Всё понятное!. Теперь то другу друга я посоветую в Делпхи..
Большое благодаря за помощь!
It's nothing Smile I was interested two to write something easy to rest. Tell me please: will you work serious to create something really useful to peaple? Smile It will greate, if you'll write good opensource program to use to quick and simple scriptediting(I can do it, but have no time and don't want, because other people can do it Smile )
Не имеет такого издателя, где можно ставить или смещать объекты. :dry: Я хотел бы сделать конкретную и функциональную программу, но не знаю разве дам радий. Пока что я начинаю с азов, митинг длинная ещё дорога к концу… :dry:
Understand... Well, learn *.mob structure, write editor - and good luck! Smile

PS: Please, write in English. I know it bad, but it will better, then program-translated text: I have more chanses understand you correst Smile

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