a few questions
i play evil islands the third time now and i wondered if there are some mods and communities around.
the only community i found was a russian. the english, european and american communities are all dead. even the english nivial forums seem shuted down.

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I dont think they'll fix it so fast.

Its sad.

furthermore i am interested in some mods.
the topic "EI Total Convertion" got my attention. I dont understand russian so i just saw the pictures and loved it. The page seems to be in standby, but i dont know why.

i found something more like Evil Islands (Add-On) v1.044.7 but i dont understand the readme also.

are there any mods out there witch makes combatspells more usefull?

i get the addon lost in astral. its not as good as the maingame but playable. is there a englishsubtilemod anywhere? my girlfriend translated me a few sentences, but she cant sit the whole game beside and translate. :lol:

a few answers are welcome.
There are several mods for Evil Islands, but they are mostly for multiplayer game. For example, the most popular in russian-speaking community one is EI-Mod which can be found here.

Total Conversion mod (aka HD-Pack) is a modification which is intended to replace and improve some graphic resources of the original game mostly by leveling up texture resolutions. It's development is still in progress and it won't be released soon.

"Evil Islands (Add-On) v1.044.7" - and that is a program that makes a mod-making and mod-using more flexible. This program installs in a separate folder, runs Evil Islands and hijackes into it's memory, making possible the resource overriding. So, one can make a resource file, put it in his mods' folder in the Add-Ons' vicinity with the configuration file and play a game with this new resources, leaving the original game intact. Futhermore, it has some useful features such as enabling console in multiplayer, turning off a fog of war, some fixes with language-toggling on russian platforms and some other improvements.
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