Evil Islands and Neverwinter Nights
Currently some players of the Allods games and Evil Island are making Neverwinter night versions of some of the original maps, and some of the player made maps. There are 2 projects:

-A rage of mages (Allods) 2 project where original maps are converted to Nwn1 maps.
-A rom1/rom2/Evil Islands project where playermade maps are converted to a gameworld, using the Rhun mod as basic game engine.

The editing is done for Neverwinter nights 1, v1.69. We would like to know if there are already other rom1/rom2/Evil islands maps converted to neverwinter nights1. In that case we would like to share maps, to speed up the project. Smile
No one?
I am working on a Neverwinter nights mod for the worlds of the Allods myself. As for Evil Islands: I will use 2 Suslanger maps, Ingos and my own Atlantis map. The Suslanger maps bring players to the Cave, where they can chose Horrorquestmaps form the Allods. But only the player made maps, not the official Nival maps. Before you reach the Cave you play on a number of playermade Allods maps, from easy to hard/horror.

The other project is done by Jult, who uses the official Allod maps from Nival for his Nwn mod.

Players who are interested can join in testing. You need Neverwinter nights 1 and the 2 expansion sets (Hordes of the Underdar & Shadows of Undrentide) installed and upgraded to v1.69, with CEP2. Just let me know.
This weekend (7-9 march) I run a testserver of Neverwinternights where players can test the Allods and Evil Islands maps I made until now.

You need Nevewinter nights v1.69 + the 2 expansion packs installed. And the CEP2 player upgrade.

Servername: Nhomis's server. Name of the mod: Allods. Its in the Action section.
My Neverwinternights module 'Allods & Legends' is finished and can be played online for players who own the game Neverwinter Nights: Go to the Action section in multiplayer and find Nhomis's Server.

Pictures can be found here:


A description of the module:

The world of Allods (Rage of mage I and II, and Evil Islands); The player maps. V1.03

This is an epic adventure for playing solo or in smalll parties. Game engine was copied from Rhun, but the maps are different.
Work your way up from the easy starter maps to the village of Ingos, from the medium and hard maps to Port Suslanger, and beyond... The horror maps up to the Cave of Eternity with its special Horror quest maps.
Discover what evil breeds at the end of the game. Find the special objects needed to unlock a Grand Final, which will make you feel king or queen of the game... If you succeed!
гхм.... судя по скриншотам от Аллодов там только название, типа если Ингос - значит зима, если Суслангер - значит пустыня %). Аллодовских монстров, увы, не обнаружилось Sad

2Borisk - the only way to download it is to connect to Nhomis's Server? Is it any distribution, which can be downloaded via http, for example?
Gipat Group
Sagrer,Monday, 16 November 2009, 00:46 Написал:2Borisk - the only way to download it is to connect to Nhomis's Server? Is it any distribution, which can be downloaded via http, for example?

No, you don't download it. Not even by accessing my server. Unlike Allods Neverwinter Nights keeps all data on the serverside, so nothing is downloaded to the players. You can play if you have Neverwinter Nights (Gold) installed.

At this time it is not known if/when the module will be distributed. That depends on the feedback from players...
The mod is ready! You can download it here:


To play it you need the game Neverwinternights I (and the 2 expansions; But I did not use the expansionsets so maybe it also works with only Neverwinernights)

Enjoy! Tongue

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