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I would like to make my own mod but i dont know how to edit starting items when you create a character. Help please
Very user-friendly editor for editing the database. But: In the parameters of damage if you see such a Nub and Max - you know, Nub - it's minimal damage, and Max - that's 50% damage. That is, to do, for example 50-100 damage, it is necessary and in Nub and Max specify "50". Then while playing a value in the "Stats Max Damage" will be doubled, and everything will be okay.

You need to click on the little text "Скачать с сервера".

Good luck!

К админам: Не хотел бы я свой сайт рекламировать, но просто я не помню где я взял этот редактор + он английский, как раз для Инглиш-чела.
Thats not what i meaned.

I was asked about STARTING items not a "stats max dmg"
I'll just let the editor in English. They can edit what you want. Be of good cheer!

P.S. If something should be - please contact us here.
You need to edit databaselmp.res (...Evil Islands/Res/databaselmp.res).
Download and install any database editor: EiEdit or EiDBEditor.
Select "units" - "npc prototypes". Each prototype there contains fields "weapons", "qitems" ans "spells" - there is starting items. To change starting armor you must edit "units" - "monsters prototypes". Target field - "equipment wears". Changing it for the same as in the "npc prototypes".
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