Invasion of Gipath Quest buggy
Hello Friends,

I'm still playing this fantastic game in Version 1.06. We slightly modded the game, so that fighting in cave is also possible.
Everything is decent, but there is one very annoying thing.

Invasion to Gipath quest is buggy most of the time.
Sometimes it gets stuck when you should collect the key. Its just not updating.
Sometimes it gets stuck at the obelisks.

Is there any way to fix this quest? Or is anyone of you having a fixed .mob file for the quest?
This would be so awesome.

Thank You
Best regards
Maybe I should mention, that I'm talking about Multiplayer.

I was also thinking about a possible solution.
Maybe one can delete the subobjects
"Grab the key"

and maybe create one new object that includes both obelisks and is simultaneosly the end of the quest.
"deactive the left obelisk"
"deactivate the right obelisk"

I just don't know how to do this.
I can edit the quest description with the quest mod tool, but that does obviosly not change the quest itself.

Best regards

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