Addon and GOG version of the game

I have the GOG version of the game and the addon doesnt seem to recognize the necessary 1.06 files (the Game.exe, etc), and the 1,06 patch doesnt recognize the GOG version(which is already 1.06 btw, but i tried anyway).

Any ideas for a solution?

The advice is do not use GoG version of Evil Islands. Smile
It's very odd installer and patched game.exe. It doesn't write any settings for the game, so e.g. game's camera works wrong. So... use original installer.

Anyway, I plan to release the new version of starter soon (hopefully this weekend).
It will have english translation and will support GoG's version.
Where can i get the original version of the game?
Sent you link to PM.
(29.01.2019, 01:27)Demoth Написал: Sent you link to PM.
Hello, I realize this has been years ago... but could I also have link to English original? I can't find anything but the GOG English version Sad
Okay, found original Polish discs! But the Addon Starter just won't... start. *sighs*
(29.01.2019, 01:27)Demoth Написал: Sent you link to PM.
If you still have the File, would you be willing to send it to me. I may not have the GOG version yet the mod starter still doesn't work.

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