[Solved] Available Abilities - Stamina?
One of the Available Abilities is Stamina, which increases your character's Stamina by 130%, 160%, and 200% at each level.

I'm interested in taking this ability for my character because he is a mage.

But before taking it, I have a question: What exactly does this ability do? Does it increase the "rate of Stamina growth" permanently? Or does it just do a "one-time Stamina growth"?

For example, if my character takes the Level 1 (130%), does his "rate of Stamina growth" becomes 130% permanently or does he just gain an additional 30% of his current Stamina?

== Solved ==

It turns out that it increases your "rate of Stamina growth" permanently and also makes your Stamina become the amount of the multiplier (130%, 160%, or 200%) instantly. Please read this thread for the details.

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