[LiA][Solved][Spoiler] Cannot initiate the conversation with a NPC (2)
This thread is about the sequel Lost in Astral.
Attention! This thread contains spoilers.

In the City of Dar-Leanos (in Jygran), there is a NPC necromancer named Jaminin (he was brought to there as the result of a quest). At first, conversations with him had no problems to initiate. However, now I need to initiate a new conversation with him and that isn't working. There are two options in his dialog box now:
  • On the fate of the necromancer
  • Talk to you later
Clicking either option closed the dialog box and then nothing happened.

How to overcome this bug?
A fellow player in the English channel in the Discord community (@As bestos) has generously helped fix the bug and about ten other similar bugs. Smile

The updated text.res is in the attachment.

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