new spell
i have added a spell to the bottom of the spell prototypes.txt file with the nival tools ive called it cluster ball just baically copied the fireball spell and changed a few paremeters now it appears in the shop but when i go to cast it nothing happens any ideas? Rolleyes
I cant believe its true
Rolleyes i think its just pics, and u should be able to make new spells but thats for real exp guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! :excl:
Yes, but how to do them?
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new spells:

1. make file addin for the texts.res SPELL title of spell here
2. add the spell into the databaselmp.res tools, in spells under spells prototype
3. this is the kicker: you have to add in new textures, sounds, and scipts before the spell will even work. example: anti_magic <-- it's the source command so that game knows what to look for. and for it to work for everyone you'd have to publish the items for the new spell, b/c i don't think anyone would want to d/l the new texture.res file you'd make or sounds.res
hmm, yea...
virpyre,16 Апреля 2004, 08:16 Написал:new spells:
There is no way to add new spell into the game, as i know. Sad
All spells is hard coded into the game executable file.
You can try to reorder lines in spell.txt file and see what’s happened. :ph34r:
But you can enable disabled spells in spell.txt file... B)
hmmmm could u not take a model of a certain spell say acid fountain and make it a different colour and script the sounds then name it different say "Rain Fountain"

Would that not be a new spell or do u mean a spell completely from scratch and not using any base models?
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There are no spell models in game resources. All spell models and effects are in the main game.exe file. And there is no way to extract them. So no one could make a new spell. Even from existing "models", textures and database entries.
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Jet,16 April 2004, 08:19 Написал:But you can enable disabled spells in spell.txt file...  B)
i am new to modding
i am confused
where do you find this spell.txt file?
spell.txt is in the databaseLMP.res.
You should download it and ModCreator, that will help you to edit databaseLMP
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i thinke i downloaded the mod creator but i am not sure
i know i downloaded the databaselmp - i think
what are the file names(if you know them off hand)?

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