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I need to find out how to use the @addunittoserver code to make a creature follow you. (if possible) where would i put the part to make the creature follow me in this:

@AddUnitToServer("Orc","LMP Orc Fighter 8","Orc",GetX(GetLeader()),GetY(GetLeader()),0)

that makes an orc, but it just sits there! help! Wink
Well you actually need to write another console line.Dont remember what exactly but i think that this:
With this comand object which you specify will follow the leader , means you.

Unit A will follow unit B.

Notice that you can use procedure @Follow(objUnitA,objUnitB) , but in this case , when the unit A attacks someone , it wont follow you anymore.But using @UMFollow unit A will follow always.
when i use @UMFollow(GetObject(id),GetLeader()) what goes in the (id) part? LMP Orc Fighter 8? or Orc? :o :dies:
You use object identificator.
If you enter in console filter ai , when you encounter enemies , you will see their identificator.Eg 4560 or 100000233.
thanks for your help i think i got it now XD these codes are so simple once u put them in a .txt file and exec them from the game lol :ph34r:
Цитата:thanks for your help i think
Feel free to ask about console commands Smile
except stuff how to make urself creatures and get money, exp etc
since its that way (the non cheating way) i wont do anything
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nice Big Grin
Hey I was wondering if theres anyway to change the HP of the unit spawned, as it always spawns with 1hp. Seems to be relevant to the topic so I thought I would add it in here.

Me too i'd like to know how they could have their real HP.
I'm also having a bit of trouble making the monster follow me right now.
He fights for me but isn't following hehe.
>>Me too i'd like to know how they could have their real HP.

Merlin,Воскресенье, 08 Июня 2008, 07:41 Написал:Me too i'd like to know how they could have their real HP.
You must use AddMob, but this method is limited by amount of "mob" files in your EIMaps folder ^_^

Of cource, you have no choise if you want to place some monsters onto the map.
PS: Idea of unlimited respawn is impossible Sad

PPS: to make unit follow you: clear his motivation via command "UMClear(Unit)", then order him to follow you: "UMFollow(Unit, GetLeader())". If it wouldn't work, use this combination with "UMPlayer" instead of "UMClear" Smile
The problem with the hit points is still unsolved.

By the way, where could I get the names of the monsters?

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