My First Quest
Allright, I start with the basics. Following the instructions of the tutorial eslwhere in this forum I duplicated the Giant toad quest (z3q2). So I used resbuild to extract the files. I renamed everything to z3q4. The textfiles hardly changed, I only renamed the quest into: A new toad! Than I build the file with resbuild, just like it was done in the tutorial. I copied z3q2.mob and changed the name to z3q4.mob. I changed 2 places in this file: z3q2 to z3q4. Than I put the 2 newly created files and z3q4.mob into the map directory and started the game.

The quest showed up. The minimap was ok, the spot of the frog on the map was highlighted. I went to the frog and killed the animal. Quest completed! showed up... So far so good. But in the minimap my quest was NOT completed. And back in the village I only could cancel it. But when I did not cancel and went back to the gamezone I inmediately get the msg: Quest completed! I checked all briefing files, it seems to be ok. What did I miss?? :unsure:
Please, attach your files. Say, what do you use to edit texts (as 'quest.reg')?

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I use Winhex 10.4 for editing. I attached the .mq file. The mob file is the same as z3q2.mob, with the 2 z3q2 adresses changed into z3q4.


I found the problem! Its not enough to change the 2 adresses in the .mob file. When I took a look at the file with the mob reversing tool I noticed this line in id_ss_text: QStart( "z3q2" )
When I changed that into z3q4 it worked! <_<

But I dont understand why it did not show up in the hex editor.
Borisk,11 Декабря 2004, 19:02 Написал:But I dont understand why it did not show up in the hex editor.
Because the *.mob script is encrypted, and there is no way to "read" it without decryption.

P.S. There's one more problem REmaking the old quest to the new one. The toad, as an object, has the mob-field, named "Quest Info". There you can see the name of the quest, and if it is not "z3q4" then the toad wouldn't be highlighted on the map (by default with the pinky circle).
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Ok, here is the result Smile
My first quest, suggestions are welcome!

Note: Its the English version 1.6

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