Evil Islands (Add-on) 1.44.7 Freezes and Crashes
Hello guys! It's me again... As always I came to you with a problem. IT's about Addon. I have a polish version of Evil Islands, so to install and run Addon I had to replace some files (game.exe,autorunpro.reg and autorun.res for their russian version, to be exact). Thanks to that Addon works fine but.. not quite. After starting any add-on (for example EI Mod) the game sometime freeze or crash (I land on the desktop then) , sometimes it is after 5 min of gameplay and another time it may be after an hour. It also crash imidiately when starting clean Addon without mod included. I exclude hardware problems as all polish players that swaped their files so they could play Addon have the same problem. What could be wrong? Do we have to swap other files in order to fix the problem?
Try turning on and off some of the options in the configuration window. Such as antialiasing and safe sound. As I remember, some of these options led to freezes and crashes.
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It's shame for me to say it but... It works. Thanks for help - I didn't expect that the solution for this problem will be so easy... Safe sound was the problem.

Btw. Is there any way to translate EI Starter texts? I mean options titles and tips to them?

Once again - thanks.

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