Servers not refresh :((
Hello, I have a question - why my server list in game Evil Islands not refresh - I can't see servers since Thursday ...

On website gipatgroup org master there is information that server is refused ,

Цитата:Мастер-сервер недоступен:
61: Connection refused

When server list will start working ?

I very like this game and I want play Sad
The server is not operational now. Ping is present, it means the server is not turned off. When it should work again - no one knows. Until now, the server always resumed work. We can only wait...
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There is not so much support for this game right now Sad. Sometimes servers are down. You can check servers status here ->

There are different regions. Down-time can be half day, can be more, it depends on how fast people who keeps servers running will notice the trouble. If master-servr is down - all regions will be unavailable.
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